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Embark on a unique sock adventure with TEXLAN, driven by advanced circular knitting machines from Italy's renowned Lonati. Precision-crafted and blending tradition with innovation, our annual capacity of 70 million pairs reflects our dedication to quality, comfort, and style. TEXLAN epitomizes knitting artistry. 0{{current_slide_index}}
In the heart of our sock-making journey lies the intricate linking process, where Italian craftsmanship meets global excellence. Proudly manufactured in Italy and China, our linking process is a testament to precision and innovation. Powered by cutting-edge Italian technology, we seamlessly blend tradition with efficiency. Join us in celebrating the artistry of linking that transcends borders, crafting socks that embody the essence of global craftsmanship.


Dive into sock perfection as knitting unfolds in Sri Lanka. Immerse in a thorough washing process, marrying Italian and Spanish technology. TEXLAN introduces Nano Bubble Technology, pioneering sustainable cleanliness. Experience the fusion of elegance and environmental responsibility in every attentively crafted sock.


Embark on sock excellence with our Ironing & Finishing Process, where sophistication meets Italian precision. Tecnopea Ghibli machines, crafted in Italy, symbolize our commitment to quality. Each sock undergoes meticulous artistry, ensuring surpassing finishing standards. At TEXLAN, every sock is a masterpiece of finesse.

Boarding & Finishing

TEXLAN's Quality & Lab Process is the heartbeat, ensuring excellence from thread to toe. With a meticulous eye, we rigorously inspect every detail, from raw material scrutiny in yarn form to accessory examinations. Our final inspection, fortified with Japanese Metal Detection technology, adds the last layer of assurance. At TEXLAN, we craft benchmarks of quality, resonating with our commitment to delivering impeccable, reliable, and stylish foot companions.

Lab & Inspection

At TEXLAN, we elevate efficiency in Storing & Warehousing. Our innovative process embraces high-density storage with mobile racking, amplifying capacity while maintaining direct pallet access. Motorized mobile bases propel racks seamlessly, optimizing space. Fueled by Belgian technology, our warehousing epitomizes precision. We orchestrate a dance of space and accessibility, ensuring each pair is readily available for its journey from our shelves to your feet.

Storing & Warehousing

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